Human is a full-blown marketing department. We bring the best of two worlds: High-level marketing services and a deep understanding of impact, social change, and sustainability.
Our team consists of a great bunch of Homo Sapiens with the outstanding Human ability to ideate, strategize, create, and accomplish remarkable results.

We have Marketers, Designers, Content Writers, Creative and Copy, and Digital Marketing Experts. Together they cover almost any marketing need a company might have.

Define your Brand’s Purpose, Story
& Visual Identity

Discover, define, and communicate your brand’s core purpose & impact and establish a distinct visual brand identity and story. Let’s create a cohesive narrative that resonates with your target audience, differentiates the business from competitors, and builds a strong foundation for all marketing efforts.

  • Purpose-driven brands grow 3X faster*
  • We promise to be precise and creative
  • Your clients will love you!

CMO as a

Don’t have the budget to hire a highly experienced full-time CMO yet? You don’t have to. We will be your fractional CMO. This comes with a lot of benefits.

  • Highly experienced (+++highly)
  • Flexibility and cost Effectiveness
  • Objective outsiders’ perspective
  • Result Oriented

Starting at

1.500$ /month*

*Up to 10 hours of CMO services

Marketing as a
Service (MaaS)

A full instant marketing department (*without the overhead)

  • Cost Savings (Safe on Staffing, Infrastructure and Pay only for what you need)
  • Scalability (No more worries about Hiring or Firing)
  • Instant access to expertise
  • Innovation (We bring fresh perspectives and ideas)
  • Focus on Results and ROI

Starting at

6,750$ /month*

*70 hours per month – Up to 20 hours of CMO service

Just need something specific

Our team comprises designers, copywriters, developers, and marketers who offer these services separately and in package bundles.

Strategy and Purpose
  • Finding your brands Purpose and Purpose Statement
  • Brand-story and Impact Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Go To Market Plans
Brands and Content Creation
  • Brand Purpose, Strategy & Identity
  • Rebranding
  • Style Guides
  • Design & Visuals aligned with your values
  • Digital Design & Content Creation
  • Web design, Web Development, Renewable Energy Hosting
  • Paid advertising (Google ads, Facebook, Outbrain, Twitter, Instagram TikTok…
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • SEO
Frequently Asked Questions
about our Marketing Services
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