May 6, 2023dotNiels Kramer

Brands of Hope

Long ago, Pandora was gifted a mysterious box filled with hidden gifts by the gods. However, she was warned never to open it. As time passed, her curiosity grew until she couldn’t resist.

When Pandora finally opened the box, she unwittingly unleashed illnesses and hardships that spread worldwide. Frightened by the consequences of her actions, she quickly tried to close the box. In her haste, she trapped Hope inside, leaving it concealed and waiting for the right time to offer solace to those facing life’s challenges.

It’s a bit like somebody opened up Pandora’s box and left Hope inside. I guess that after the Hope for peace was killed, periodic mini wars, covid 19 that spiked stress and mental illness, changed our perspective on life and values for better and worse, Climate Change, Growing inequality, Political scandals, Social media’s bad influence and the upheaval about how data is being used to manipulate us and now turmoil around this legislative overhaul they are trying to push down our throats and polarizing the entire Israeli society on the one hand but on the other uniting 2 fronts that were divided before. Will it ever stop!?!

Let’s remember that Hope is still left in the box

So, let’s remember that the only thing that was left in the box is Hope. And Hope is exactly what we need to put all these evils back in the box and build a better world.

Many of us feel numb, fearful of the future, and overall feel that life isn’t as fun anymore as it once was. Before Covid, we had many friends, but it taught us who our true friends are. And today, we are looking for more meaningful relationships. The great resignation showed us that our careers don’t have to be linear but can also make U-turns, and it became more about self-actualization than about making a career.

I also see that more and more people are focusing on doing good instead of less bad. A good example is VCs’ growing interest in climate tech and the number of startups in this field. Our last government allocated a good amount of money and legislation to promote this trend; the same goes for the US.

In my article about how we trust brands more than governments, I summarized an Edelman trust report showing consumers expect brands to take a strand. Act on climate change and inequality, fight against fake news, human rights, gender equality, etc.

Behavioral Science shows that In situations of uncertainty, we look to the actions of others to help guide our decisions. This is known as social proof. When we see others acting a certain way, whether good or bad, we copy their behaviors; we rationalize that they must be correct.

This is where brands can step in and fill the enormous void the government left over the years and, in some cases, created. 

Brands can potentially make a significant positive impact in the world by recognizing and capitalizing on consumers’ evolving expectations.

As people increasingly look to companies to fill leadership and influence gaps left by government and institutions, brands can seize this opportunity to foster Hope and drive positive change. Brands can serve as supportive partners for individuals striving to improve their lives and the world around them. By promoting Hope for a better future and aligning with people’s aspirations, brands can make a lasting impact on their success and the communities they serve.